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Take some time out and unwind here in Eltham



Welcome to our Eltham, Taranaki, New Zealand web site.

Come take some time out and unwind here in Eltham.

We have a unique collection of fabulous shops, lovely heritage buildings and great coffee.

Discover our town's treasures of various types including clothing, antiques, gifts, arts and crafts galleries and collectables.

Check out the sports and recreation clubs, craft, our native plant nursery and discover our beautiful lakes and walk ways.

Accommodation available includes freedom camping, backpackers, camp-sites motels and bed and breakfasts.

The Eltham economy is based around award winning innovative industry such as dairying, cheese manufacturing, engineering, meat works, tourism and a growing information technology sector.


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Historical Eltham...

Eltham is located within Taranaki, 10km south of Stratford and 20km north of Hawera. Its a small yet busy town and there is always a lot going on here. 

The settlement was proclaimed a town district in 1884 and on 10 October 1901 was constituted a borough. Our Town Hall was built 1911, and we celebrated the Town Hall centennial in 2011.

As of August 2010 Eltham holds the record for the world's biggest scone. Eltham broke the existing Guinness World Record with a giant 121kg scone - creaming the previous British record of 60kg.

Eltham is a town of firsts!

  • The classic pound of butter was first made at Eltham in New Zealand's first commercial butter factory, which opened in Eltham in December 1887.
  • Eltham was the first town in New Zealand to get a tarred macadam street in 1906.
  • The Pease Building which was built in 1909, was the first building to have a suspended concrete floor, and stands on huge legs of solid concrete.
  • In 1901, Eltham held the first ever World Axemen's Carnival. George  McCauley, won the 2 foot chopping world championship in Eltham, New Zealand in 1911. The clip is taken from footage of the World Championship Axemen's Carnival.
  • The first Rotary cowshed was designed in Eltham.
  • Quick release trailer couplings - Carac Couplings

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